Employee Warning Letter

Employee Warning Letter


Every company expects to have skilled and accomplished employees, However, sometimes, an employee may underperform. Hence, it becomes the responsibility of the company to amend the employee’s performance through an Employee Warning Letter. An Employee Warning Letter is written to an employee by the organization in which he or she is working. A warning letter such as this could be issued for several reasons such as, when the employee is found to have displayed certainly unacceptable misdemeanor at the office or when the employee has not made any advancement in progress.

The issuer includes in the letter the steps the employee must take within a specified period. Attendance records, similar acts of improper conduct in the past and assessment of performance may also be cataloged in the letter. The issuer may also choose to inform the employee that formal warning is being released as the oral warnings were not sufficient. The letter cautions the employee of adverse consequences if the proper corrections are not made. Sometimes, the company may exercise to give out few more warning letters before adverse actions are taken against the employee.

Employee Warning Letter – Sample

The following is a sample of an Employee Warning Letter.


Peter Jones

Human Resource Manager,

Fuller Enterprise,

1753 Bryan Street,

Lexington, NC 27292



Rita Boyle

1852 Third Avenue,

Lexington, NC 78729

Subject: First Warning for Misconduct

Dear Mrs. Rita Boyle,

This letter is to bring to your notice that the management is disappointed with your improper conduct towards the guests and visitors of Fuller Enterprise. Your performance had always been extremely overwhelming earlier. Distressingly, since the last month, it has been observed, and also reported by the clients of the company that you did not politely address them.

A satisfying behavior is very necessary on your part as you are the front desk personnel for the organization. It is a part of your duty to greet the visitors politely and most importantly, the clients of the company. The improper behavior shown by you since the last month is unacceptable to the management. Also, you have been arriving late for work since many days which further shows inappropriateness in the behavior.  Despite repeated verbal reprimands and counsels, no positive change was undertaken by you. Therefore, a formal warning is being issued to you.

Hence, kindly take note of this first warning against your poor conduct of behavior as well as breach of punctuality. The management will review your case after two weeks, after which, failing to observe any transition in your performance, adverse actions may be taken against you.

We believe that you understand the severity of this warning letter and will make the required changes.

Thanking you.

Yours truly,

Peter Jones,

Human Resource Manager,

Fuller Enterprise

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