Employee transfer letter

Employee transfer letter


An Employee transfer letter is written by an employer or supervisor to an employee to inform the employee that he is to be transferred to another department or branch of the company. A transfer letter comes about due to many reasons: employee expertise needed or lack of human resources in another department of the enterprise. It could also be a management ploy to move an underperforming employee out of the department. However, it is the duty of the employer to inform the employee that he has to transfer him to another branch. The employer should inform the employee a few months in advance and should give him an offer worth transferring for. The employee should also have the choice to transfer or not. It should not be forced upon him.

Remember to write this letter a few days in advance so that the employee can make arrangements before transferring. It is an official letter, and so it must be written in a polite but firm tone, and it should be in the correct format keeping in mind that only formal words should be used. The employer should mention relevant details of transfer in this letter so that the employee can decide if he wants to transfer.

Sample Letter:


Steven B. Chang

Chief Accountant

Secure Accounting Services



Catalina J. Jackson

Commercial Accountant

Secure Accounting Services

Dear Catalina,

RE: Transfer to Assist

This letter serves to inform you that your expertise is required to assist our client, Hobart Industry in their accounting report for the year ending YYYY. As you know, Hobart Industry is a major client of our company, and it is crucial to assist them in their request to close their accounts for their financial year YYYY before DD/MM/YYYY for tax purposes.

Due to the urgency of the situation, the management has decided to transfer you to Hobart Industry immediately, from DD/MM/YYYY to DD/MM/YYYY, since their office is Los Angeles. Your transfer expenses will be accounted for by Hobart Industry. You are to assist them in preparing their accounts for tax reporting purposes.

You shall be reporting to me every fortnightly or whenever you feel necessary with regards to the progress of your assigned task. The management has confidence in you to excel in this temporary transfer.

Please prepare yourself for this transfer.

Yours sincerely,

Steven B. Chang

Chief Accountant

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