Employee Thank You Letter

Employee Thank You Letter


An Employee Thank You Letter is a letter written by the employee to the superior, thanking her/him for some assistance or support rendered. There are many reasons to show one’s appreciation and writing a thank you letter a good way to express your sincere appreciation of some help provided by the superior. Employees write such letters to let their superiors be aware of their gratitude for a particular helpful act that was rendered by the employer. Businesses usually go out of their way in the training period to help their employees also good employers extend this help through the period of the employment.

Such letters should be written in a formal language with no scope for grammatical, spelling or structural errors. The letter should begin with the mentioning of the particular situation where help was needed by the employee and their superior had offered to help them out of that precarious situation. The writer should then proceed to express gratitude and appreciation for their superior. The letter should end with an assurance of future stability in the case in which help was needed.

Sample Letters:

Following is a sample of an Employee Thank You Letter.



Elle Jones
Accounts Clerk
Accounts Department
Homer Enterprise

January 29, 2011


Gary Dickens
Accounts Manager
Accounts Department
Homer Enterprise

Dear Mr. Wheeler,

SUBJECT: Thank You

I just want to write to say ‘thank you’ for your kind support to me last week when I fell ill at work. I was working hard and was not availing much sleep or rest. It was not due to overwork at the workplace rather because I am a single parent and I have to work at home too. I am feeling much better now. The doctor has asked me to take bed rest for a couple of days as I collapsed out of exhaustion. I understand that you took me to the hospital and later reassigned my work in my few days’ absence as we needed to close some clients’ accounts. I do apologize for the inconvenience caused.

I am very appreciative of your care and concern for your employees. You did not reprimand me but encouraged me to rest at home and recuperate. I am very grateful to you for being such a kind and understanding boss. I have closed the files that I was working on, and I have handed over my responsibilities temporarily to my subordinate. I have also explained them in detail the procedure and ethics to be followed while completing the assigned task.  The timetable has also been provided for their reference. I shall resume my responsibilities in a week’s time.

I shall ensure I eat and rest well while I work hard from now onwards to avoid a repeat of my collapse at work. I shall forever remain obliged for the help you extended.

With sincere thanks,
Elle Jane

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