Employee Resignation Letter

Employee Resignation Letter


An Employee resignation letter is given by an employee to inform the management of his resignation. The reason of resignation may be given if the employee is not in any unfavourable position with the company. A letter of resignation can be submitted to the organisation due to various reasons. Primarily it is seen that resignation letters are often handed over to the management because the employee is either not satisfied with the job or because they have come across a better opportunity which they want to take up.

While writing a resignation letter, the employee must make sure that they write down about the experience they had while working with the organisation. The employee must also make sure that the letter has a positive tone to it. Since it is a letter of resignation being written to the Management, it must be written in a formal manner. Usually, a note of thanks accompanies the resignation letter as a courtesy note. The employee must also attach their contact details along with the letter so that they can remain in touch with the people from the organisation and the organisation itself.


Sample Letter


Mark Landers


Production Department
Fairmont Services Corporation

22 January 2016


Miles Button

Human Resource Director

Fairmont Services Corporation

Dear Sir

Subject: Resignation letter

This letter is written to inform you of my resignation as a technician from Fairmont Services Corporation. I am a Grade 2 Technician with the Production Department with ID: FSC893-23.

I understand that I need to give you one week’s notice of my resignation; hence, my last working day should be January 29, 2016. I have already mentioned my resignation intention to my superior, Mr. Jonas Pierce, who advised me to write formally to inform the management. Since the reason is quite personal, I will be unable to disclose it in this letter. I understand that I am offering my resignation letter at a time of immense pressure but I hope that you understand that due to unforeseen circumstances I have to leave town immediately and move back to my hometown. However, I assure you that I will find a replacement before I leave who will be the right person to help the organisation out at this moment of crisis.

Since I require monetary assistance to solve my personal issue, I will be grateful for any dues to be presented to me before I leave.

It has been a good experience working at Fairmont Services for the last two years. I have learned a lot from the higher authorities as well as from my colleagues. The time that I have spent at this organisation has truly helped me to become a better person. I am attaching my contact details along with this letter so that I can be in constant touch with the organisation.

Thank you for the wonderful opportunity to learn at Fairmont. It was truly unforgettable.

Thanking You

Yours Sincerely

Mark Landers


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