Employee Reprimand Letter

Employee Reprimand Letter


The management gives a reprimand letter to one of its employees who may have been out of line (misbehaving) according to the company’s code of conduct. A reprimand letter to the employee serves as a word of discipline to the involved employee to change his behavior to avoid further repercussions. It is a warning to the employee and failing to follow it may even result in his termination. Misconduct can be in terms of misbehavior, disrespecting colleagues, discrimination, abuse etc. which hamper the growth of a company and may give it a bad name.

Hence, a strict warning has to be given to stop the further damage to the company’s reputation and to safeguard the interests of all employees. It is essential to mention the reason why an employee is being warned, and immediate orders to rectify them must be released. It is not suitable that a company has a negative environment and hence, any misconduct must be stopped immediately. The tone of the letter should be firm without the use of any harsh words. The letter should be written professionally and must be concise. If you had to write such a letter but do not know how to, the sample letter below will help you out.

Sample Letter:



General Equipment Company

4679 Libby Street
Los Angeles, CA 90017



Terry D. Thomas

Company Driver

General Equipment Company

Mr. Terry Thomas,

RE: Reprimand over Careless Driving

It has come to the management’s knowledge that you were reported to be careless in your driving last week, during delivery.

The report came in a written complaint by a member of the public who witnessed your careless driving habits on Fifth Avenue, last Tuesday between 3-4pm. This is not the first complaint that the management of General Equipment Company has received over your alleged careless driving.

The management is unhappy over this repeated report of your bad driving habits, especially when a company vehicle is involved. Please take note that further disciplinary action shall be taken against you should there be a third complaint against you during office hours or with any company vehicle.

Please change your driving immediately.

GEC Management

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