Employee Recommendation Letter

Employee Recommendation Letter


An Employee recommendation letter is usually written by the employee’s superior to comment on the good work performance of the employee. It can be used as a reference letter for the employee to seek better work opportunities in the future. It need not be addressed to any specific person or company. It is a formal letter as one doesn’t know the receiver personally. Whenever a person applies for a new job, he/ she is usually asked to attach a letter of recommendation from his/ her previous employer.

Make sure you tell them why you are recommending the particular employee to their company. Double check the letter for any type of discrepancies. Keep the tone of the letter formal and polite. Be humble in the manner in which you write. Stay true to your motive and make sure you don’t lie but only tell the truth. This type of letter is really important for the person being recommended.

Sample Letter

The following is a sample of Employee Recommendation Letter.


Richard L. Hicks,

Sales Manager,

Turbo Products,

3654, Parkway Drive,
Tubac, Arizona, 85640

March 29, 2010


Merange Products,

7878, Park Street,

Tubac, Arizona, 85640

Subject: Recommendation for Mr. Wayne Storm

To Whomsoever, It May Concern,

It is my pleasure to pen this recommendation for Mr. Wayne Storm who served as one of my sales executive at Turbo Products for the Summer of 2009. Although Mr. Storm just graduated, he was willing to take on a sales executive job as he had no relevant work experience.

But Mr. Storm worked hard and picked up the product and company information very quickly to bring in a good sales quantum even in his first month. He was not fearful of hard work or long hours which saw him as the top sales executive at his last month; this is quite a feat for someone so young and new, without any proper sales training or work experience. Since he is a native of Arizona, his knowledge is very valuable for any type of sales.

I have been very satisfied Mr. Storm’s attitude and work performance and I wish him the best in his future undertakings. I am sure he will excel in his chosen profession with such a positive and passionate attitude.

I am also sure that his experience will be an asset to your organization. Given a chance to serve you, he won’t disappoint you. On having any queries regarding me, feel free to reach out to me.

Thanking You.

Respectfully Yours,

Richard L. Hicks,

Sales Manager,

Turbo Products.


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