Employee Promotion Letter


An Employee Promotion Letter is given to a deserving employee by the company to inform him of his new position in the company as of a certain date. Every individual work to get a social status and some form of recognition in the society. While working, every individual works hard to have a good position in the company. Different companies have different policies of promoting their employees. However, promotions are always good news for the employee as a promotion reflects the company’s acknowledgement of the employee’s hard work and provides new opportunities for the employee to grow in his skills and knowledge at work.

An employee promotion letter offers congratulations to an employee for attaining that particular post and wishes them luck for the same. It also mentions the increased responsibility that comes along with the new position and the increment in the salary. It is a formal letter.


Sample Letter

The following is the sample of Employee Promotion Letter.


George Hepburn,

Personnel Department,

Top Guns Insurance Agency.

2 January 2017


Sara Jane Lowe,

Credit Controller,

Top Guns Insurance Agency.

Dear Ms. Lowe,

Subject: Promotion to Credit Controller

On behalf of the company, I am pleased to notify you of your promotion to Credit Controller from your current position of Credit Officer.

The Management has noted your efforts during the past year, and your superior has forwarded an excellent appraisal of you with a strong recommendation for promotion. Having reviewed your previous two years work record, the Management is pleased to concur with your superior’s recommendation as the Credit department is foreseen to expand very quickly this year.

We had put you on probation and you have proved your worth in the company. Not only did you achieve your daily goals but also have helped other colleagues with their work. We need more people like you who can take the plunge as and when required.

Hence, the Management trusts that you will get into the thick of things quickly and learn the ropes of your new position to contribute to your department’s growth, and thus, the company’s growth.

Top Guns Insurance Agency is looking forward to your continued good contribution this year and more to come. We have attached all the details regarding your new position and the increment in your salary along with this letter. We wish you best of luck for this new phase in the company.


Thanking You

Yours Sincerely

George Hepburn

Personnel Manager

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