Employee of the month Nomination letter

Employee of the month Nomination letter


An Employee of the Month Nomination letter is written by the superior of an employee who has performed well at work. The superior puts in the nomination letter on behalf of his subordinate whom he feels deserves due recognition for their commendable performance in the recent month(s). This nomination would be a boost of confidence to the nominee. Such practices of moral encouragement are common and appreciated in modern businesses.

Such a nomination not only encourages the employee to work harder but also affords them an extra feather in the cap to flaunt in their resume. This practice also helps in encouraging healthy competition amongst co-workers which in turn proves to be beneficial for the employer as it boosts productivity. A few things need to be kept in mind to make such a letter more appreciated and effective. The sender must begin the letter by appreciating the hard work of the subordinate. Write the letter in a formal tone. Appreciate the hard work they have put in on behalf of the company, and make the receiver aware of their name being put in for nomination for ‘Employee of the Month’.

Sample Letter

The following is a sample letter for Employee of the Month Nomination Letter.


Carol Simpson,
Public Relations Supervisor,
Maple Leaf Fast Foods.



Tony Davis,

Staff Welfare Director,
Maple Leaf Fast Foods.

Dear Mr.Davis,

RE: Employee of the Month Nomination

In response to your letter dated DD/MM/YYYY I am pleased to nominate Ms. Jane Austin, a public relations executive from the Public Relations department for the company’s coveted ‘Employee of the Month’ award for the month of January. Ms. Jane Austin has been in our company for nine months only, but she has shown great skills as a public relations executive for Maple Leaf Fast Foods. Ms. Austin handled an irate customer very well last week when the customer was raging at the counter staff over the long wait during a busy lunch hour. She was able to appease the customer with smiles and pleasantries, engaging the customer in small talk until being served. The customer went away happily with his order.

She also organized the ‘Feed a Child’ event on behalf of our restaurant and it was a huge success which both the employees and the customers appreciated alike. She is a good people-person, a hard worker, and a rightly motivated individual who contributes to the restaurant’s success in her own unique way. She is also punctual and never late for her shift. She has often been seen working overtime when the restaurant received heavy orders due to the festival season last month. Maple Leaf Fast Foods need more employees like Ms. Jane Austin. I hope that her nomination for this award will motivate other staff to improve their performance like Ms. Austin’s.

Maple Leaf Fast Foods need more employees like Ms. Jane Austin who can contribute towards the everyday development of the company. I hope that this will cause all our staff to be inspired to put in their best like Ms. Austin.

Thanking you.

Yours sincerely,

Carol Simpson,

Public Relations Supervisor.

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