Employee Complaint Letter

Employee Complaint Letter



An Employee Complaint letter is written by a company employee to the management to complain about an issue that either pertains to work or relation.  The complaint letter should be clearly and professionally written without malice, with the necessary facts stated for the management to investigate and take appropriate action. Complaint letters written by employees can be directed either towards the Management or towards a particular employee who has caused them severe harm. However, the reason for writing a complaint letter must be appropriate enough and must be something petty.

The complaint letter was written must be concise and brief with the reason being properly elaborated. It is advisable that the employee who writes the letter also write down suggestive measures to solve the problem. One must also make sure that the letter is not written in a threatening manner. The employee can choose to remain anonymous. While writing a complaint letter, the employee must make sure that they have concrete evidence to support their claim. In extreme cases, the complaint can be directly made to the police.


Sample Letter

The following is a sample of an Employee Complaint Letter


Mary R. O’Connor

P.A. Secretary

New Designs Industry



Rachel Barker

Customer Service
New Designs Industry

Dear Ms. Barker

Subject: Complaint about Canteen Food

This is a complaint letter where I would like to bring your attention to the unfavorable condition of the company cafeteria at the ground floor of our building. This is not the first time the Management is being notified about the canteen.

Its premise is unkempt, and its food is unpalatable; there is rubbish everywhere although they are in plastic bags it is such an unhygienic sight that throws off one’s appetite. The food is the same every week. Since no home cooked or outside food is allowed into the office premise as per company regulation, the mentioned conditions at the canteen are not acceptable to service the company employees. It was also noted by one of our employees that cooks at the canteen follow non-hygienic practices during the preparation of food. This has lead to the rapid spreading of food-borne diseases.

It would be highly appreciated if you can investigate to confirm the basis of this complaint against the company canteen and to take prompt, decisive action on this issue. We hope that the company would solve the problem at the earliest. Till then the Employee Union has obtained permission from higher authorities to let us bring our food from home. We hope that once proper action is taken, we will not have to face the same problem again.

Thanking you.

Yours Sincerely

Mary R. O’Connor

P.A. Secretary

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