Employee Appreciation letter, Sample & Format

Employee Appreciation letter

An Employee appreciation letter is usually written by the boss or management to one of the employees as an expression of appreciation of the employee’s good work performance. The appreciation letter is a good acknowledgement from the employer of the employee’s capability and work ethics. It will also serve as a motivation and encouragement to the employee to perform better.



Waller Industry

3841 Earnhardt Drive
Louisville, KY 40291

January 15, 2011


Fred T. Watkins

Chief Foreman

Waller Industry

Dear Fred

RE:  Employee Appreciation

The Management of Waller Industry is very pleased with your extraordinary performance last week when a small fire started out in the storeroom tried to spread to the production section. Your quick thinking actions helped reduce the loss for the company. But more importantly, no life was lost.

This letter of appreciation is written to honor you on your selfless performance in a moment of danger while risking your life for the safety for others. You are indeed an exemplary leader to your staff and all at Waller Industry.

Thank you for going beyond the call of duty. You are a definite asset to the company. We are proud of you. The Management plans to host an appreciation dinner in your honor next weekend. Please be present for the occasion.

Waller Industry Management

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