Emotional Letter To Friend


Emotional letter to a friend is a letter written by someone who writes it to convey that they miss their best friend so much which makes them write an emotional letter. Since it is a letter written by a friend to another friend, it can be a personal letter which does not require any standards or forms. Whatever you feel like writing, you can write it down on the paper.

Going down to the memory lane to mention some of your beautiful moments together can make a positive impact on your friend, and you can plan a reunion by writing a letter like this to a long lost friend of yours. Including the memories which connect you and your best friends would make it emotional. It is indeed good to have a reunion once in a while and to write a letter like this can be the first step for the same. The basic need for writing a letter like this is your friend’s address.

Sample Letter


Eliza Alex,

North 24 Kadam,



15 May 2016


Riya John,

No.4D Sree Apartments,

East Anna Nagar,


Dear Riya,

Hope this letter reaches to you at the best of your health.

I was going through our college magazines, and suddenly my eyes got stuck in the magazine which you wrote during our fourth year in college. While going all the way down to the memory lane, I felt those were the best days of my life, and I just say, I really miss you. You were like a family to me. We both had much fun during our college days, and yes, we got the tagline ‘best friends’ which we both didn’t take it seriously since we didn’t believe in those tags.

Do you remember the night when we planned to go for a night show? I do remember it as fresh as it was. We went for the movie ‘Rob-b-hood’ since we both loved babies very much. We had loads of fun that night. While writing this to you, I wish if I could go back in time to celebrate those days. After our separation, a pang of loneliness surrounded me, but now when I got your address from our mutual friend, Shayla, I feel I am the luckiest in this world.

I would like to finish this letter by telling you that we need to meet soon. I can’t wait to see you. Hope you would consider this as your long lost friend’s wish and write back to me. You can contact me at **********.

Hope to meet you soon!!

With lots of love and prayers,



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