Emotional Goodbye Letter


Saying Goodbye to someone, be it a friend, lover or even a colleague can always be hard. Bidding farewell means not staying in touch which can be caused by several reasons- emotion, physical proximity, work related, etc. However, the least we owe to the people around us is a well-written goodbye. This is where a farewell letter comes to use.

Since these are usually informal, the writer has the liberty of being as informal as they like through their words. This can include a bucket full of memories shared with others in the time you spent with them, or you could just express the impact the person has had on your life and how it has changed you for the better. It is usually advised to end these letters on a positive note, with the promise to stay in touch. Don’t forget to mention the details through which the person can get in touch with you in the future.

Sample Letter:


Anuja Keshwa

45 Apt

Magnolias, Ph 5






Suhasini Mulay

1200B, BP 2

DLF Ph 2



Subject: Goodbye Letter

Dear Suhasini

As you are aware, my parents have decided to buy a new house. We have finally decided on a house in Magnolias. It isn’t too far from home, but then again, it isn’t home. I must admit, I am going to miss the comfort of just walking over to your house at any time of the day.

I have spent the last ten years of my life in this colony which makes leaving it harder. Remember the big bruise on my knee? I got it from falling on the basketball court. And the time I fractured my arm? I remember you being there for me when I fell from the slide in the park. It becomes so hard to leave the place you grow to call home.

This colony has given me lifelong friendships for which I will always be grateful. But just because I am going to another colony does not mean I will not stay in touch. I promise to visit whenever I get time. You can visit us too, once our new house has been set up. My new colony has a pool so you can come over whenever you please for a swim to beat the heat.

Friend, I just wanted to thank you for 15 years of beautiful friendship. This is not farewell, just goodbye for now.

All my Love,

Anuja Keshwa

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