Emotional Farewell Letter


The emotional farewell letter is a letter written by a person who is leaving a place either because the situation demands a change or because their tenure of staying in that particular place has got over. These letters are written by both employees and students, since farewell is something that must be faced by everyone in their lives, now or then.

Since these kind of letters are emotional, it can be written both as personal or as official. If it is an official letter, do remember that it must be short and precise. You can pour in all your emotions but still, the recipient might not expect the same, so it is better to make it short. On the contrary, if you are planning to write a personal emotional farewell letter, then you can include anything and everything in the letter. Including your memories will make the letter sound unique.

Sample Letter


Eliza Oommen,

Shamsuddin Manzil,

No.24. North Kadam, East Tambaram,


May 16, 2017


Mia Samuel,

Parakattu House,

Street 4, Old Mahabalipuram Road,


Dear Mia,

Hope this letter reaches to you at the best of your health.

I don’t know how to begin a letter like this. Let me start with a positive note. Working with you was an excellent experience for me. I never thought that you would become an important person in my life. But since change is inevitable in everyone’s life, we are going to move away from each other. It is quite painful for me to leave behind all the memories that you have so far given me.

It is because of my husband’s transfer that I am also shifting to Delhi. I know in this today’s world where technology is a boon, it is not too far, but still, I feel sad leaving you. You were a really good friend of mine and loved being with you every day and working together. I know I haven’t even uttered a single good word about you till this time, but now I feel like pouring out every feeling of mine, and thus I am confessing that you indeed are a gem of a person. I feel lucky to be a friend of yours.

I am attaching some photos of ours along with this letter. Hope you will miss me the same way that I am going to miss you.

Love you loads, Mia !! Be you, always!

With Lots of love and prayers,







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