Emergency Leave Letter


An Emergency leave letter is written to request approval from the superior or management for urgent leaves. Usually, an emergency leave letter is given by the employee who may experience a sudden situation that needs their immediate attention. It is a short notice leave request due to the circumstances.

The letter should contain the details like the exact reason for emergency leave, and it should be a valid one. It should also mention for how many days you need this emergency leave, i.e., the dates should be mentioned. If your company has any procedure to apply for leave, then write the letter according to it. As you write this letter to a higher official, it should be a formal one. In the end, mention you are hoping that the recipient will grant you permission.

Sample Emergency Leave Letter:


Rudy A. Browner,

456 Quill Lane,

Columbus, OH 43215.



Freddie Stanley,

Branch Manager,

Wellington Enterprise,

991 Dew Street,

Bay City, OR 91100.

Dear Sir,

Re: Emergency Leave

I am Rudy Browner working as an Accountant in the company for the past two years. I am writing this letter to request for leaves. I am sorry for the short notice of this leave request as it is an emergency. My child has fallen ill this morning, and I have to admit her into a hospital. She has a high fever of 104 degrees C with pain in her stomach. As my wife is also not at home I will take care of my daughter. I want leaves for a couple of days so that I can look after my daughter. I am admitting her in the hospital and will inform my wife about the situation, As soon as my wife gets back, I will come to the office.

In the meanwhile, if there is any urgent matter at work, please feel free to call me on **********.  I will report back to work as soon as my child is in stable condition.  I deeply apologize for any inconvenience caused by this sudden circumstance. Hope you would react positively to this. Thank you for your kind understanding on my emergency leave request and thank you for taking your time to read the letter.

Yours faithfully,

Rudy Browner,


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