Emergency Leave Letter, Sample & Format

Emergency Leave LetterAn Emergency leave letter is written to request approval from the superior or management of the employee’s intention to take leave for some unforeseen circumstances. Usually, an emergency leave letter is given by the employee who may experience a sudden situation that needs their immediate attention. It is usually a short notice leave request due to the circumstances.


Rudy A. Browner

456 Quill Lane
Columbus, OH 43215

July 24, 2010.


Freddie Stanley

Branch Manager

Wellington Enterprise

991 Dew Street
Bay City, OR 91100

Dear Sir,

Re: Emergency Leave

With my deepest regrets, I have to request for leave today. I am sorry for the short notice of this leave request as it is an emergency. My child has taken ill this morning, and I have to admit her into a hospital. She has a high fever of 43 degrees C with pain in her stomach.

If there is any urgent matter at work, please feel free to call me on my handphone; I shall make myself available over the phone. I will report back to work as soon as my child is in stable condition.

Thank you for your kind understanding on my emergency leave request. I deeply apologize for any inconvenience caused by this sudden circumstance.

Yours faithfully,

Rudy Browner


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