Email thank you letter

Email thank you letter


Expressing one’s gratitude for some effort or give that someone else has given to them is an essential way to keep relationships strong. It also makes the person appreciated for their efforts and shows how much the recipient of the effort cares for them. A thank you letter is a very common way to express your gratitude. But, in this age of electronics, email have become the new letters and can be written and sent to someone instantly.

An Email thank you letter can be given by any individual to another which is a very common form of communication nowadays. The email expresses gratitude to the recipient over an issue that can be stated in the email along with the note of thanks. It can be informal if both parties are very familiar with one another or formal if the parties are work related and not very familiar. The letter should usually be kept brief.


Sample Email

The following is a sample of an Email thank you letter




Subject:  Thank you

Hi Lucas,

I just want to express my note of thanks to you for your assistance last Friday when my car tire went flat on the highway. I am so glad that you stopped to help me even though you did not know me. I did not have the necessary tools to change my flat. I have always been a little unknown to handling such situations and it was a great blessing for you to be passing by from the same route and being so kind enough to help me.

If not for your help, I would have to call the toll truck and spend a bundle for the professional service. I am glad I made a new friend who is a Good Samaritan. I am indebted to you. I was on my way for an important meeting. With your help, I managed to reach my appointment with 5 minutes to spare!

I could not find the time to thank you then but I would definitely like to get in touch with you now and express my gratitude for such kind behavior of yours. I would like to treat you to a nice meal as a way of saying thank you and hope to get to know you better. It would be my honor to have a friend like you. Let me know when you are free.

My contact details are attached along with this email, so feel free to call me up.

Thanks again!

Yours truly,



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