Email Resignation letter

Email Resignation letter


When an employee has to leave a company, it is essential for them to provide a notice to the management of the organization letting them know about your intentions to leave, the reason for your resignation and the date on which you would be resigning. Such announcements can be made formally through an official letter.

An email resignation letter is now treated like an official letter that an employee writes to inform his or her boss or the management of his resignation. The format of the email is similar to that of a traditional resignation letter. The email usually mentions the reason for the resignation and must be written well in advance so that the Management has enough time to process all prior dues of the employee as well as find a substitute to take over their duties. The email should be kept brief and formal and must contain appreciation words for the support during your tenure in the company.

Sample Email

The following is a sample of an Email Resignation letter




Subject:  Resignation letter


Mr. Clifford Johnson

CEO, Paramount Enterprise

Allow me to tender my resignation from my current post of Company Secretary from Paramount Enterprise on DD/MM/YYYY.

After consulting the Human Resource Department on my outstanding leave balance, both parties are in agreement to offset my leave days in light of the required notice as per my employment contract. Hence, my last working day at Paramount shall be DD/MM/YYYY.

I shall be leaving Paramount for another international organization which I feel offers more opportunities for me to expand my knowledge and enhance my skills. It is an excellent opportunity for me to take up after serving Paramount for eight years.

Thank you for your kind support during my work duration at Paramount. I would always hold all the memories that I have had with this company for the past eight years very dearly in my heart. It was an amazing opportunity for me to work with your prestigious company and I learnt a great deal while working here. But now it is time for me to expand my horizons I wish you all the best in your future undertakings and I hope that you would wish me luck for my future endeavors as well.

This email is carbon copied to Ms. Jenny Gills of HR department to confirm the contents of this mail as per our discussion on my resignation terms.

Thanking you.

Yours truly,

Barney Jackson

Company Secretary

Paramount Enterprise

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