Effective Fundraising Letter


An Effective Fundraising Letter is written to put forth a donation request for a cause and, hence, requires a constructive approach. The letter is written by the organization which requires funds to proficient personalities or other business organizations that can help the cause in either cash or kind. An effectual letter is a prerequisite to convincing the donors and also helps in laying the foundations of the event.

The writer should script the letter very finely by beginning the introductory paragraph with a brief description of its organization. The cause should be appealing enough for the other organization to support it financially. Therefore, significant details of the cause should be mentioned in the letter. Also, it should be taken into account that if the letter is being written to an organization or person that has already been helpful in the past, a reference should be provided for the same and that organization or person should be acknowledged for their past services.

Sample Letter

The following is a sample of an Effective Fundraising Letter.


Suresh Bharati

Secretary General,

Animal Welfare Society,

Sector 40-C,





Jitendra Singh

Senior Manager,

Techno Electronics Pvt. Ltd.,

Sector 11-C,



Subject: Fundraising for the Need of Animals

Dear Mr. Jitendra Singh,

Nurturing the animals for fifteen years now, we are pleased to announce that our NGO, Animal Welfare Society, has been recently honoured with the Best Animal Welfare Initiative Award 2017. We are delighted to be supported by considerate and thoughtful people such as you.

Encouraged by your kind assistance, we have come up with Rescue Animals and Pet Show 2017. Our team of volunteers has come up with a brilliant idea to prepare the people to care for the animals, whether pet or stray and nurture them with love. This initiative is in response to the ongoing tests of products of all sorts which are experimented on animals, particularly the stray ones. And after the tests have been conducted, these animals are left wandering on the roads with severe injuries. We aim to eradicate this dreadful form of animal abuse in the society. Our primary agenda is to persuade the companies and people to leave the animals uninjured if they cannot care for them.

We request our dear supporters to help us generate funds which shall be utilized to restore such animals to a healthy state again. We shall be delighted to have your presence at the show. We believe that the initiative by our volunteers shall be encouraged by you.

Thanking you for your time.

Yours sincerely,

Jitendra Singh

Senior Manager,

Techno Electronics Pvt. Ltd.

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