Eagle Scout Recommendation Letter

Eagle Scout Recommendation Letter


An Eagle Scout Recommendation Letter is a letter which highly recommends a scout to be promoted to Eagle Scout status which is the highest rank that can be achieved in a Boy Scout program. It could be supported by veteran Eagle Scouts or Scout Leader who notice the excellent example of a current scout. It is written to provide a high recommendation to a scout to land into the prime position of the Academy. While writing an eagle scout letter, you should give stress onto the achievements and qualities of the Scout boy. It should be impartially drafted with the explicit intention of stating the true results of the scout.

It should be impartially drafted with the clear intention of stating the true achievements of the scout. The recommendation will further help in evaluating the true accomplishments and skills of the scout, and it will open a way for him to be promoted to the highest rank of authority. It is, therefore, important to draft this letter with great precision and care.

Sample letter

The following is a sample of Eagle Scout Recommendation Letter


Benedict Williams,

Scout Leader,

5th Division,

433 Chenoweth Drive,

Nashville, TN 37204.




Scouts Award Board,

2542 Dovetail Drive,

Wood Dale, IL 60191.

Subject: Eagle Scout Recommendation

Dear Mr. Parker Gill,

It is my pleasure to address the Scouts Award Board today in writing. I would like to forward Mr. Brian Allen for your kind consideration of being awarded the Eagle Scout award this year.

Mr. Brian Allen has been a faithful Life Scout for a year with 25 merit badges from his excellent demonstration of Scout Spirit and troop leadership. He has assisted in 2 Eagle Projects commendable that demonstrated commitment and real leadership. He has great leadership skills and has led the Eagle Projects with high authority and voyage. His mental alertness and game planning skills are also very admirable.

I am recommending Mr. Brian Allen highly for the Eagle Scout award to the board review so that Mr. Allen may have greater opportunities to serve in the 5th Division which has been growing beyond our expectation. His achievements have made our team proud and made us a strong scout force. His skills are far beyond the achievements he has made, and we are sure he will be a sole achiever in future too.

Please feel free to contact me for further information on Mr. Allen so that his nomination can be considered favorably. Attached is a record of his achievements for your kind perusal.

Thank you.

Yours sincerely,

Benedict William,

Scout Leader & Scout Eagle,


5th Division Scouts Academy,


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