Eagle Scout Fundraising Letter

You may have come across a fundraising letter at least once in a lifetime. Have you ever been in a fix to write one for the project you support? There are fewer chances to this and thus here is the sample of eagle scout fundraising letter that will help you write an effective one.

In the Eagle scout fundraising letter, you request the recipient to donate some money for the project. It is essential for you to mention all the details in the letter so that the reader knows everything about the fundraising and this is also one way of building trust. This may sound like an informal letter to you, but the fact is that is that it is a formal kind of letter. This letter should follow the format as the formal ones and should be written in a polite tone. Make certain you include kind words because you are requesting the reader to donate to the eagle scout.


below mentioned is the sample of the eagle scout fundraising letter


Jennifer Winget

P.O Box 23785-9823


Subject: Eagle scout fundraising letter

Dear Donor,

I am Jennifer Winget, a member of the girl’s scout from Jamaica. The eagle scout group has held a fundraiser on the DD/MM/YYYY for the community fundraisers for cleaning city equipment. This equipment will be used to clean the city.every member has been allotted the area and responsibility to clean the city. Since the home use cleaning appliances do not work to clean the town, we need to buy specific ones that help in help in cleaning.

We request you to contribute to this fundraising so that we can buy the required items. It would be great if you could even spread this message and get your loved ones contribute as well. There is no minimum or maximum value of the donation. You can donate the amount you wish to. Also, we accept a donation in kind. For this purpose, kindly contact the team on ******** or you can even email them the details on nobody@gmail.com, and they will get back to you at the earliest.

Thank you in advance for your kind support. God Bless you!

Thank you,

Jennifer Winget

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