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The Internet helps in every aspect of our life. Whether be it personal life or professional, the internet helps us communicate with each other quickly.  The E-sales letters are extensively used in the business world. Whenever there is a new product launch, the company sends these letters to its clients for the introduction and sale of their product. The E-sales letters have become the latest trend in the market. Business personnel wants their work to be done with ease and in less time. The E-Sales letters are the ones that are sent by a business person usually to introduce a new product or a scheme.

The E-sales letters are written to announce, sell or preview a new product. The E-sales letter acts as a fast and easy mode to promote the business of a firm. Though not always, E-Sales Letters can also be used for products already in production to raise awareness. Usually, when a new product is launched, the firm sends the letters to its clients and vendors for the introduction and advertisement of their product. The E-sales letters is a cheap and effective way to attract new customers as well as investors. This is a modern and practical way that enhances a company’s communication and sales.


The following is a sample of an E Sales Letter.

Lawrence J. Rice,
Sales Manager,
Megatech Pvt. Ltd.,
2339, Roosevelt Street,
San Francisco, CA – 94108.


Christopher M. Carl,
943 Haul Road,
Mountain View, CA – 94041.

Subject: E Sales Letter.

Dear Sir,

As you are aware, the world of sales has revolutionized with the advancement of the internet. Most companies are shifting their operations from offline to online mode. The online medium not only saves a retailer the cost of rent for his or her products but also allows to facilitate sales by offering a variety of items across different price brackets for a particular population.

New marketing strategies such as Search Engine Optimization, as well as Google Tools, allows a producer to target a particular type of consumer such as teenagers even within that teenage boys or girls, a specific age bracket belonging to a particular city as well.

There are several advantages for a producer with the advancement of the internet. Sir, this is why I would like to put in a formal request to advance the transition of our sales from an offline medium to an online medium. According to our studies, it will require an initial investment of 10 lakh rupees. However, over a span of one year, we will be able to recover this amount fully. It will also boost our sales by a margin of 20%.

I would like to discuss the details of the same in person with you. Please let me know your feedback.

Thank you


Lawrence J. Rice,
Sales Manager,
Megatech Pvt. Ltd.

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