Dramatic Break Up Letter

Dramatic Break Up Letter


When one ends a relationship, it is better to do it directly to the person rather than through a third party.That is disrespectful not just to the person one is breaking up with but also to the relationship that was once shared between the two people, no matter for how short a duration it may have been for. When one is breaking up with their partner, break up it is necessary to give reasons for the breakup.The break up can be done personally face to face or through a letter in case the relationship had turned sour at the end, and either or both parties do not wish to see each other. It is better to use a letter than through a text message or through a phone call. A breakup letter is an informal one which expresses feelings.

A Dramatic Breakup letter is written to inform one party of the break up in a relationship with strong feelings expressed clearly in the letter. The letter will contain news of the break in the relationship with high emotions expressed through angry or hurtful words. It would have been written in moments of anger or rash.

Sample Letter:

The following is a Sample of Dramatic Breakup Letter.


Pauline H. Rocha

2555 Gerald L. Bates Drive
Boston, MA 02115



Robert T. Horn

3183 Mattson Street
Salem, OR 97301


I am so disappointed in you! You did nothing to help me out when I was caught in the bad situation last night with my friends. You even have the gall to join them in teasing me unceasingly with no thoughts of my feelings, and I am supposed to be your girlfriend!

This is the last straw! I am calling it QUITS on this relationship. I do not want to see you or hear from you again. Don’t bother apologizing profusely as you always do to make me feel bad. NO! NO! NO! No more of being your doormat. Yes! That’s how I feel about your treatment to me.

Throughout the last eighteen months, I have had to endure such bad treatment from you that no lady would ever bear. I always felt like you never cared about me and made me feel like a burden which you bore. Well, no more! I shall wait for the guy who knows how to treat me like a lady! I hope you will get what you deserve, and it is certainly NOT ME!

Thank you for getting out of my life!


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