Donor Thank You Letter

Donor Thank You LetterIntroduction

A donor is one who has donated a considerable amount to a particular organization for its betterment. It is a generous act and therefore must not go unnoticed. These donations made lead to some chances that may change lives or the innovation of a device that is nothing less than revolutionary.

Donor thank you letter is written to thank a donor for his kind donation towards a stated cause. It is a polite response to take towards those who have responded well to your earlier request for a donation for some intention or objective. An update on the cause of which the donation went towards for, will be a courtesy on the part of the sender. This letter clearly expresses your gratitude. It’s a formal letter however one must maintain a polite tone. Do mention the changes that this donation can/has made. Thank the donor on behalf of your entire organization.



Betty Theodore

Angelic Host Foundations

346 Smithson Street
Honolulu, HI 93827

May 30, 2010


Mark D. Harris

Glover Enterprise

602 Cessna Drive
Fort Wayne, IN 46802

Dear Sir,

RE: Thank you for Donation

We received your donation of 3 million Dollars in addition to other material goods of On the 5th of May 2010. On behalf of Angelic Host Foundation, I would like to thank you for your kind generosity in donating your furniture and fittings to set up this charitable foundation at the listed premise. The foundation looks so much more hospitable now, and hopefully, this renovation will attract more who are the like you, to help our organization further.

It is indeed a burden of the Foundation to have such a generous donor to furnish the premise for our functioning so quickly. We are truly grateful for your donation. The work was done within a fortnight and was done impeccably. The staff and I wish to record a note of appreciation on your good intentions.

The Foundation is now in service, and we are pleased to inform you that there are a couple of projects which are on the table. We would like to schedule a meeting at your convenience to discuss these projects in depth and talk about their initiation. We shall keep you informed of the Foundation’s activities and would welcome your future participation.

We will be hosting a small launch party on the 1st of June. Sir, it is our privilege to invite you as our guest of honor. Please do grant us your presence. Such kind and charitable work must be made a note of and for this reason we have invited many from the industry. Your work will have an impact and several lives and hopefully inspire even more.

Thank you again for your kind donation, and for being so supportive of Angelic Host Foundation.

God bless you in your endeavors.

Yours sincerely,

Betty Theodore

Angelic Host Foundations

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