Donation Solicitation Letter


A Donation Solicitation Letter is written by an individual who is either working individually or in an organization, who wishes to solicit potential donors by writing detailed letters. The letter is written to ask for donations for a particular philanthropic cause. The letter must be based on evidence, and that evidence must be shown to the potential donor, so that They can decide whether or not to accept the request for a donation. The letter must be formal.

The letter must be written in a detailed manner. If it is coming from an organization, the letter must mention the mission of the organization and its purposes. The letter must mention the cause of donation and the amount requested. The letter may also include an invoice or receipt which serves as a proof of donation. The letter must be written in a clear manner so that it benefits the reader. If it is written by an individual, the causes about the request must be written.

Sample Letter:

The following is a sample donation solicitation letter.


Rajesh Koothrappali,

Save our Souls Foundation,

East Mill Road,





Mohammed Burk,

East Road Estate,



Subject: Donation solicitation letter.

Dear Sir,

I write this letter to humbly request a donation towards the construction of a school for underprivileged tribal children in Ghana. I wish to gently remind you that on DD/MM/YYYY, you had made on online registration regarding your wish to donate resources for the building of this school. We are currently accepting donations from 500 dollars to 25,000 dollars.

The school is being built in East-West forest area and will serve as a primary school for approximately 200 tribal children from the neighboring hamlets. The school is being built in an area of 2 acres of used land. The construction has begun because of funds from previous donations.

We wish to invite you to make a generous contribution towards our effort to spread education. Once your donation has been made, we will send you a receipt through e-mail, and the donation is tax exempt. I request you to kindly make the donation within seven days of receipt of this letter, as it will ensure that we can add your name in the brochure of donors which will be sent to the Ghanaian government.

Please contact me if you require any details. Information about the organization is available at the following website

Thank you,


Rajesh Koothrappali.


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