Donation Request Letter

Donation Request Letter


NGOs and other charitable organizations make the required amount for the causes they support through donations. It’s through the kind support of influential people that they can help the needy. A Donation Request Letter is written by any NGOs or charitable organizations to request donations or financial support from individuals or companies for an altruistic purpose. Many people or businesses are generous to make a donation of any kind when called upon, especially when it is for a good cause.

The letter should be polite and should hold the tone of a request. Mention the necessary details of the organization, what the purpose of the donation is etc. Explain briefly how the plan is to carry out the service for the needy. And finally make the request humbly. If the cause seems to be convincing and genuine, a good fund could be raised through Donation Request Letters. Follow the sample letter given below to gain more perspective on how to write one.

Sample Letter

The following is a sample of Donation Request Letter.


Reverend Sam Denison,

First Cathedral,

2307 Walnut Hill Drive,
Cincinnati, OH 45236



Scott J. Brunson,

Win Marketing Enterprise,

91 Holland Drive,
Newark, NJ 07102

Subject: Donation Request for 50th Anniversary

Dear Sir,

The Grace of Jesus is upon you! It is my humble duty to inform you that First Cathedral has been established for about 50 years. As we plan to celebrate its 50th anniversary this DD/MM/YYYY, we would like to invite you to participate. On this auspicious occasion of celebration, there is a need to modify the church building and premises that are decades old and need to be renovated at least to a small extent.

This church has played its role as a refuge to thousands who seek solace during its existence, and now it is time to reciprocate its deeds and purpose.

The plan is for a good paint and refurbishments of some fixtures, and also there is a need to change the roofing as its decades old and need to be fixed soon as it’s currently in a dangerous state. There’s a need for some fittings as well to prepare for the church’s 50th-anniversary celebration are in the pipeline, and your kind financial contribution will be most appreciated. We look forward to your prompt response to our donation request for a better facilitation of the event.

God bless you and your business as you donate generously to this good cause.

In Jesus,

Rev. Sam Denison


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