Donation Receipt Letter


A donation receipt letter is one wherein you acknowledge the donation given by someone. The donation is needed by charitable organizations, NGOs, etc. own, where there are chances of shortage of funds. These organizations solely run on either money or from the donations they receive from different politicians, people, banks, firms, etc. Since donating to an organization is a huge step on anyone’s part, it is the duty of that organization to acknowledge the same and say thanks. It also helps in encouraging the person and others to donate.

A donation receipt letter is a letter that is written by the organization to which the individual has donated money so as to thank them for this grateful gesture. It can be an informal letter depending upon the relationship between both the parties. It should be genuine in nature. Explain as to how these funds will help them in future. Once through the letter, ensure that there are no grammatical mistakes in it.


Sample Letter

The following is the sample of donation receipt letter.


Gopal Vishwakarma,

Funds Manager,

Udiksha Public Charitable Trust




Parul Jha,

Managing Director

Rise High Pvt. Ltd.


Subject: Donation Receipt Letter.

Dear Ma’am,

Warm greetings from our side. We hope you are doing well at your end. I am writing you this letter to thank you for your grateful gesture. We received an amount of Rs Seventy-five thousand from your manager last week, and we appreciate it. It was a kind act from your side.

Udiksha public charitable trust was founded two years back with the hope of helping people with special abilities to be educated like any other person. Here, we take special care in developing the skills and talent of the children who are inherent in them since birth. We have got teachers who help them in understanding it well. We also have every facility that a school provides to its students so that these children can have a proper schooling.

We had been facing financial problems since past few months as we had to upgrade few facilities that are being provided here for the organization. With your contribution, we would be able to improve the facilities and provide these children the best that they can get. We hope that by seeing you donate to our organization, more people would be encouraged to do the same which would eventually help us in giving the best to everyone in the organization.

Thanking You

Yours sincerely,

Gopal Vishwakarma,

Funds Manager,

Udiksha Public Charitable Trust.


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