Donation Letter for Non profit, Sample & Format

Donation Letter for Non profitA Donation letter for a nonprofit is written to solicit funds in aid of a needy body by a charitable organisation. It is written to inform the recipient of an urgent need by an individual or group of persons who require funds in some situation. It is an appealing letter on the goodwill of the recipient to donate to the needy cause.


Amelia M. Martel

Champs for Life

2022 Westfall Avenue
Hillsboro, NM 88042

January 5, 2011


Memory Lanes Gifts

4047 Zimmerman Lane
Irvine, CA 92614

Dear Sir /Madam,

RE: Donation for NonProfit

On behalf of Champs for Life, I would like to urge your esteemed organization to participate in our cause for young lives in the hospital who are struggling to live.  These sick children at the paediatric ward at the General Hospital require donations to fund their operations. Many are suffering daily as their families have insufficient funds to carry out the operation on them, which would give these young ones a new lease of life.

Hence, allow me to appeal to your goodwill and conscience to make a generous donation to these children to give them a second chance in life. You can make out your donations to “Children’s Operations, Paediatric Ward – GH” and drop your donations at the Payment Counter at the GH.

I assure you that your donation is strictly a non-profit appeal and you can check the hospital accounts to see how your funds are allocated.

Thank you for your generous donation.

Respectfully yours,

Amelia M. Martel

Champs for Life

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