Donation Acknowledgement Letter

Donation Acknowledgement LetterIntroduction:

A donation acknowledgment letter is written by the recipient of a donation to the sender, in response to the kind donation received. A donation acknowledgment letter is helpful to update the donor on news of the donation. It is a courteous gesture by the recipient of the donation to respond by giving the donor an acknowledgment letter for his donation. Writing the letter will help show your appreciation for the donor.

In this letter, you should mention where and how the donation was used. You can also include the receipt of the donation received along with the letter. Mention the date when the donation was received. The letter should be written in a polite and warm tone. Do make sure that you include good wishes for the donor. The letter should make the donor feel happy and proud about his contribution.

Sample Letter:


Maggie A. Davis


Little Friends Orphanage

2791 Ten-mile Road
Boston, MA 02210





Tyler Thompson

3861 Sycamore Circle
Atlanta, GA 30305


Dear Sir,

RE: Donation Acknowledgement

This letter serves to acknowledge receipt of your kind donation of $1,200.

The Little Friends Orphanage is grateful for your generous donation in response to our earlier appeal for funds to start the New Year off for the 15 little residents at Little Friends.

For your information, your kind donation has been put to good use. The boys and girls at Little Friends have sufficient school uniforms and materials including books, copies and stationary to start their new school term. They can join other boys and girls at a regular school without any hesitation now. They are happy and doing well despite being only in the second month of the New Year.

All this has been possible due to your valuable contribution. God bless you with health and wealth always.  Once again thank you very much for your kind donation.

All the best for your endeavors.

Yours sincerely,

Maggie A. Davis


Little Friends Orphanage

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