Donation Acceptance Letter


If an organization/ institution/individual receives a donation from another organization/ institution/individual, it is only polite to write to the donor and tell them that you have accepted their donation. A donation acceptance letter is written for this purpose. Once a donation has been received, be it money, food, clothes, stationery or any other resources, the concerned party must write to the donor. Inform them that the donation has been successfully received and accepted graciously.

A donation acceptance letter is also used by the writer as a thank you letter, expressing gratitude towards the donor. Apart from this, the letter mentions how the donation has been put to use and describes the impact that it has created. It is a polite and formal letter. If it is a well-written letter, it will surely convince a donor to support your cause further. The following is a letter written to an organization thanking them for their financial support in helping cancer patients.

Sample Letter

The following is a sample letter for  Donation Acceptance Letter.


Emma Davis,

The Radiance Community,

North Park,

New York.



John Smith,

Pearson Inc.,

North Park,

New York.

Subject: Acceptance of Donation

Dear Mr. Smith,

I, Emma Davis, am writing this letter to you on behalf of the Radiance Community to thank you for your invaluable support. We successfully received your donation of $2,000,000 yesterday, and no words can express the joy we felt at the moment. In all our endeavors, we have received much support and help from our benefactors. But, no one has been as generous and kind as you have been. On behalf of the Radiance Community, I thank you from the very bottom of my heart for your kindness and support.

Despite the community’s efforts, we were almost out of resources.  Your donation has made it possible for us to offer many desperate patients once again much-needed help. The money has already been used to pay for the chemotherapy treatment of two patients. After all, our efforts and actions must match the magnitude of your kindness.

As I have already said, mere words cannot express the gratitude we feel. However, we do have something to offer you in return, no matter how small it is considering what you have done for us. A group of cancer patients who have survived their battle with cancer with our help has organized a talent show, to be conducted DD/MM/YYYY, that is, the day after tomorrow. We request you to grace your presence at the same and also to officially inaugurate the function. A flyer stating all the details has been attached to this letter. We do hope for a positive response from you.

Thank you.

Yours Sincerely,

Emma Davis,

President, The Radiance Foundation


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