Domain Sales Letter


A domain sale letter as the name suggests is written when the owner of a particular domain wants to sell it to another person or organization. The reasons for the sale of a domain can vary including but not limited to the requirement of money urgently by the owner or even because the owner is engrossed in other projects and hence is not able to focus on this particular domain. Depending on the domain name and what it offers, the owner can set a specific amount on it and try to market it to others.

The owner can also set up a meeting with a potential buyer to further negotiate the terms and conditions as well as to draw up a formal contract. Since this is a sales letter which pitches a product to an external party, it must be written in a formal manner. The writer must ensure that it is written in an attractive manner that it compels the external party to buy the product. The writer must also attach their contact details along with the letter so that it is easier for buyers to communicate with them.

Sample Letter

The following is a sample of a Domain Sales Letter


Drake Watson,

#54, Downing Street,




Borgin and Burkes Organisation,

#57, Olivier Lane,


Subject: Domain for sale


I am the owner of the domain,, and I am putting it up for sale. I am doing so because I am currently handling four other projects which take up most of my time. Due to this reason, I am unable to focus on this domain.

I have heard and know about your chain of restaurants The Leaky Cauldron, and I have personally visited the one in London. A lot of customers were complaining about the lack of a website. When I decided to put up my domain on sale, I realized that you would benefit highly from this domain name as it matches the name of your chain of restaurants.

Apart from the domain name, I will offer you one my esteemed technicians who will help your organization set up the website so that it will be easier for your organization to run the website smoothly later on. The domain is easy to manage and is presentable, also it won’t be a task to navigate it by your customers who choose to reserve a table online. This domain will indeed help you boost your business.

I am offering this domain to your organization at a lowest price of USD 50000. This is a negotiable offer, and I would like to set up a meeting soon to draw up a formal contract.

I am attaching my contact details along with the letter including my personal phone number and email address. Please do not hesitate to contact me. I hope to hear an offer from you soon.

Thanking You

Yours Sincerely

Drake Watson.


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