Dispute Letter


A dispute letter can be written by one party to another whether individual or company, with regards to an issue such as payment, outstanding amount or information that has disagreed. A dispute letter is to express the disagreement over the presented information and should contain proofs to counter the disagreed information presented. While writing this letter, you must be having a sufficient evidence that will support your side of the argument against the other party.

The dispute letters must be written with complete care since even a slight mistake can cause a great danger. So, before beginning to write a disputed letter, it is better to ask your inner conscience that whether you are confident enough to write a letter like this. And if you feel that you are not confident, then you can always refer the sample letter that is given below, rather than making it an utter flop which might sometimes lead to a greater dispute between the two groups.

Sample Letter


Randy Jackson


Production Department

Fletcher Enterprise




Jane Stalin

Accounts Manager

Fletcher Enterprise



Dear Ms. Stalin

RE: Dispute over the Use of Materials

Hope this letter reaches to you at the best of your health.

I am writing this letter to dispute over the alleged over usage of materials by the Production Department for the last month.

According to my records which I have collected, it is clear that every piece of equipment ordered has been assigned to a certain project that the company has received. Please refer to the list that has been attached to the approved projects and the corresponding amount of materials that are required. All pieces of materials have been accounted for by the Production department.

Kindly do check the company records for orders and projects, to remove your doubts and clarifications regarding the same. The records according to my calculations and conditions have been attached along with this letter, for you to have a look at it so that you can get a small idea about the content of this letter written to you. The materials that were ordered last month was higher due to the larger number of projects confirmed, which is indeed a good news for the company.

Lastly, I would like to iterate the fact that I trust all the above explanation and the presented figures of material usage will clear the dispute. If you need any further clarifications or if you have any queries or doubts regarding the same, then you can feel free to contact us either through the aforementioned address or email us at name@emai.com or else you can also call us in 98765543216.

Thank you for your kind cooperation which we hope will continue shortly too.

Yours sincerely,

Randy Jackson

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