Dispute Letter to Credit Bureaus


A dispute letter to credit bureau is written by an individual to the credit bureau over some issue related to credit standing. The individual would need to be clear in his letter of dispute against that of the credit bureau, providing evidence where possible to prove the error on the part of the credit bureau.

As you are writing this letter to a higher official, the letter should be a formal one. Your tone should be appealing such that the recipient will have positive thoughts on your issue. The details should be very clear that is the reason why you are writing this letter, the problem you are facing etc. As mentioned above as a proof of evidence you should send some paper copies with the letter, and it should be valid. In the end, mention that you are anticipating a quick and positive action from the recipient side.

Sample Dispute Letter to Credit Bureaus:


Glen M. Edgar

75 Meadow Lane

Oakland, CA 94612



Union Credit Services

2202 Hiney Road

North Las Vegas, NV 89032

Dear Sirs

RE: Dispute over Inaccuracy on my Credit Report

I Glen Edgar working as sales manager in Cox Communications. I approached Union Credit Services in YYYY to open a credit account as your services are customer friendly and everything was fine until I received January month credit report. The reason why I am writing this letter is to dispute over the inaccuracy found on my January month credit report. It is stated that I did not make loan repayment of my credit card bills for December and hence a finance charge and interest on my outstanding amount were charged to my January statement.

I think there might be a calculation or technical error because I have paid my December credit bills within the due date. So I request you to check your company records again as due payment was made albeit a week later. Hence, I would like to request a cancellation of the charges and interests imputed on me immediately. Enclosed is a copy of the December settlement for your perusal. I would appreciate if you could update your records and confirm my good credit standing again according to the time frame required by the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). If you have any doubts regarding this issue or in the copy I am sending you can contact me, I think you have my contact details otherwise here it is glen34@gmail.com.  I believe that you would respond to the issue and rectify it as soon as possible as you have excellent customer services. Thank you for your prompt action on this matter.

Yours sincerely,

Glen Edgar.

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