Dismissal Letter

Dismissal Letter


In most workplaces, we find that some employees won’t perform according to tho the company’s standard or norms. Also, some employees have behavior issues that cannot be tolerated. It’s usual that several warnings will be given to this employee. But if he or she doesn’t show any change or improvement, then the company officials has no other option but to terminate him. Dismissal Letters are the official form of informing an employee that he has been dismissed from the enterprise.

A Dismissal letter is usually given to an employee who has been performing badly according to the company’s standards, despite having been counseled and reprimanded. When the company has issued 2 or 3 warning letters, depending on the company policy, the company has the right to dismiss the employee with a dismissal letter. While writing this letter, it’s important to clearly mention the reason for dismissal and the date from which the release will take effect.

Sample Letter


James Johnson,

Human Resource Manager,

Spark Securities Enterprise,

Detroit, MI 42466



Roy Delmont,

Security Guard,

Spark Securities Enterprise.

Subject: Dismissal Letter

Mr. Roy Delmont,

With this letter, I am informing you that you are officially dismissed from this company, being relinquished from your post of Security Guard with immediate effect. You have not changed your poor performance and attitude despite repeated counsel and two warning letters since June 2010.

Your records show that you have frequently been late for work since June 2010. A lot of complaints were received from other employees regarding your bad performance.  Your supervisor has found you loitering around the toilets and balconies instead of going about your rounds and fulfilling your assigned responsibilities. Your colleagues have found you uncooperative and irresponsible. And lately, several female employees have complained that you have misbehaved to them. This must be viewed seriously, and now we are bound to take an active decision.

The management had a meeting, and we discussed your case, and we reached the conclusion that it is unhealthy for the goodwill of our office to have a problematic security staff. Also, we believe that there is no point in giving you more excuses. Hence, the management has no choice but to dismiss you immediately for you are a liability to the company since you are unable to fulfill your assigned duties and also being a problem maker at our office.

Please collect your dues at the Accounts Office immediately and return all your tags and uniform before you leave the premise.

Yours truly,

James Johnson,

Human Resource Manager,

Spark Securities Enterprise


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