Dismissal Appeal Letter


A Dismissal appeal letter is written in response to when a person has been dismissed from an institution. This dismissal letter could be from their office, college or any organization that they are a part of. However the person who receives this letter can also appeal against it, that means they are allowed to question the institution’s decision and ask them to reconsider their decision.

You need to have a solid appeal as it is on these grounds that you are questioning the authority’s decision. Make sure your reason is legitimate and that you have substantial evidence to back your claim.  If necessary even attach photocopies of the documents that support your argument. However,  it is necessary for the person to end the letter on a positive note, so it is suggested to mention in the letter, your promise to make amends and to refrain from ever repeating this mistake again.

Sample Letter:


Kelly Male

Room No-45

College Dorm






College Admissions

College College


Subject: Dismissal Appeal Letter

Respected Sir/Ma’am,

This letter is written in response to the Dismissal Letter I received from the College Admissions Office dared DD/MM/YYYY. My name is Kelly Male, and I am pursuing my third year in Psychology from your prestigious university. I am an honor roll student, consistently scoring above the required credits for my course since the past three years.

This is why I was extremely surprised to receive a letter of dismissal from your attend. Through this letter, I intend to appeal against the decision. I agree I have not been able to attend college which is why I missed the required attendance percentage needed for the month of January. However, this was because I was diagnosed with Kidney Failure earlier this year.

I submitted an application for the same to the college administrative department stating that due to my condition I will be required to go for dialysis three times a week, which does not allow me to attend college. In my application, I requested the college to take my case into consideration and allow me to submit my assignments online. The college replied positively to my application.

Since the administration was aware and considerate of my situation, I was shocked to receive a dismissal letter. I hope to present my case in front of the college board on a date that is suitable to you. I wish to pursue my under graduation from College itself and would be grateful if you considered my case and allowed me to continue my education. I am sure the board will pass a just decision.

Please find a copy of my medical certificates attached below.

Thank you

Kelly Male

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