Discipline Letter


A discipline letter as the name suggests is usually written by the management of a company (the HR department) to an employee urging them to change their negative behavior and confront them about them breaking the rules of the enterprise. A discipline letter undertakes a harsher tone to make sure that the employee doesn’t repeat their mistake again. This letter is similar to the verbal lecture provided by teachers in school to reprimand naughty children.

Since this letter is written by the management of the company to reprimand an employee for their misbehavior, it must be written in a formal manner. The letter must also mention that the management would take severe action against the employee if they do not apologize for their behavior and do not change themselves in the future.  These letters can also provide punishments to the employee including any changes in their salary or even suspending the employee for a stipulated amount of time.

Sample Letter

The following is a sample of a Discipline Letter


The Management,

Harry Potter Enterprises,

#4, Privet Drive,




Arthur Weasley,

#13, The Burrow,


Subject: Letter of discipline

Dear Sir,

This letter is to formally notify you, Mr. Arthur Weasley, working in the Accounts Department of Harry Potter Enterprises, will be suspended for the stipulated period of one week for your misbehavior at the Summer Party.

You have been working with our enterprise for the past six years, and we have received complaints about your behavior in the past. Until now, we have never acknowledged it because there was no substantial evidence to prove that you were guilty. However, your incredulous act of arriving drunk and creating ruckus at the office summer party is just unacceptable. Hence we have decided to suspend you for a week. We have decided not to cut a proportion of salary as you have always been a good employee when it comes to working.

We hope that you do not take this decision lightly and do not create a scene once you read this letter. This will be a good week for you to sit and think back over your actions and come back next week with a new perspective. We also want you to formally apologize to the Board for your misbehavior.

This decision has been collectively made by the management after collecting reviewing every other form of punishment. If you believe that this decision is not fair, you can choose to appeal it to the Board. We hope that you seriously give this a letter a thought before you make any further decisions as it could affect your position at Harry Potter Enterprises in the future.

Yours Sincerely

The Management.



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