Disciplinary warning letter

Disciplinary warning letter



The management writes a Disciplinary warning letter to an employee who is found to have displayed unfavorable conduct that is unacceptable according to the company’s code of conduct. Any negative performance exhibited by an employee may warrant a disciplinary warning letter if it is of a serious nature. The letter is usually written by an organization that has a vested interest in the disciplinary action being taken. The disciplinary action being taken can be based on stolen data or infringement of trademark etc.

The letter is a formal letter. Although it is a disciplinary warning letter, the letter should be formal in tone and outbursts of emotion must be avoided at all costs. The letter is not a disciplinary action letter. It is only a warning letter. Therefore, the letter must be less severe in tone than a disciplinary action letter. The letter must detail the reasons for warning about the disciplinary action. The mistake of the receiver must be stated. The letter must provide great clarity so as to avoid misunderstanding.

Sample Letter

The following is a Sample disciplinary warning letter.


Marion W. Rubin,

Human Resource Manager,

HYE Enterprise,

3945 Bruce Street,

Saint Louis, MO 63146,


The United States of America.



Bobby C. Warner,

Production Staff,

HYE Enterprise,

Montana Avenue,



The United States of America.

Subject: Disciplinary Warning letter

Dear Mr. Warner,

The management of HYE Enterprise has come to know that you have been using the company property without permission.

This is a violation of the contract that you have signed with this organization as the contract states that no person shall retrieve any information from the organization’s computer and other information storage devices without written permission of the managing director. The breach of this contract attracts a severe disciplinary action and a possible criminal proceeding.

You have been caught in the act of taking production samples for your consumption without prior permission from your superiors. This is unacceptable behavior from any HYE staff who should be exhibiting integrity at all times.

As from your confession that this is your first time of such poor behavior, the management has decided to give you this disciplinary warning letter as a notice. Should there be further unacceptable behavior from you in the future, you will be expelled from the organization.

Please take heed of this warning and consider its implications seriously for the management will not hesitate to act against you.

Yours truly,

Marion W. Rubin.

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