Disciplinary Appeal Letter


For any institution, it becomes necessary to maintain some decorum, a high level of discipline which should be retained by all- employers and employees. So when a disciplinary action is taken against one of the employees, such as for coming late to work or for something as serious as even sexual harassment the employee is at liberty to write a disciplinary appeal letter against the management.

This letter is written to counter a decision passed by the management- to question it and appeal against it. It is written when the employer feels that the decision passed by the management is unfair and feels that he or she was right but is being put in the wrong light. This is a serious issue. Therefore, one must ensure a formal tone in the letter, do mention a detailed account of what has happened with ample proof the counter the judgment of the management.

Sample Letter:


Shanaya Sen

HR Manager

Axis Consultancy







Axis Consultancy



Subject: Disciplinary Appeal Letter

Respected Sir,

This letter is written in response to the discipline warning written against me on the DD/MM/YYYY on account of punctuality to my working hours. The letter was written by Vice President of Human Resource Department- Mr. Surabh Roy at 2:00 pm, DD/MM/YYYY.

In all honesty, I  was shocked to receive this letter. I have been working as a Human Resource Manager for the company since DD/MM/YYYY, and since my inception with this company, I have not once received any complaint against my work style.

I admit to having come late to work in the last two weeks of MM that is DD/MM/YYYY to DD/MM/YYYY, but that is only because I have been staying back late in the office, till 10:00 pm for those two weeks to finish the employee pipeline of YYYY. I had been overburdened with the work of employee recruitment and Pay Roll Management by Mr. Roy with the deadline of the end of MM. To finish this job on time, I had to stay back post the designated office hour which is until 6 pm.

Due to the proximity of my house from the office, I used to report to the office at 10 am instead of 9 am. I informed Mr. Roy about my situation, and he seemed to be understanding about it. This is why I was all the more surprised when I have issued this disciplinary warning.

I request the committee to look into the matter. Please do refer to the CCTV footage as well as proof of my late working hours. I trust the authorities to come to a fair judgment.


Thank you

Shanaya Sen

HR Manager

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