Discharge Of Debtor Letter


A Discharge of Debtor Letter is an official letter that is written to notify a debtor that the Court of Law has given him/ her legal permission to no longer pay his/ her debt. In simpler words, the letter is a legal notice that releases or discharges the debtor from his/ her debt. Once this letter has been written, the creditor, that is, the agency that has lent the money, is no longer permitted to ask the debtor for payment of the money, file a lawsuit or even contact them for the same.

However, certain things must be noted. Only some types of debts, for example, student loans, are discharged by the Court. Not all debts can be discharged. Also, since such a decision is made by the Court based on a limited number of facts available, it is possible that in case further details are put before it, the decision might no longer be valid. As this is a formal and an official letter, it must be short, precise and to the point. Have a look at the sample of discharge of debtor letter to get an idea of writing it on your own.

Sample Letter

The following is a sample letter for Discharge Of Debtor Letter.



Jurisdiction Court,




Johns Cena,

Alka Apartment,

Flat No. 45, Phase A,

Bridge Street, Manhattan.

Subject: – Regarding discharge of debt.

This is to certify that the debtor Mr. Johns Cena has met his obligations under the Act Mercy on people of Sec 48(A) of the law.

The debtor had been discharged from his protected deed on DD/MM/YYYY. The debtor will not be liable to pay the debts after this date, and the creditor cannot force him to do so.

As per the sec 55(a) of the law, the creditor is found to be guilty, and therefore the debtor has been discharged of his debts. This has been mentioned in the book of record of insolvencies.

Find yourself an attached copy of the undertaking. Sign the undertaking and send it to the office before DD/M/YYYY.

Charles Grayson

Senior Lawyer,

Jurisdiction Court, Manhattan.

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