Disagree Letter With the Subordinate or the Superior


In any working relationship, there is bound to be some friction. People involved may disagree with certain decisions or style of execution. However, what matters the most is how the situation is handled. The friction must be contained in such a way that it does not get carried on or worsen the case in any which way with the employer.

The best way to resolve the issue is by communicating. Communicating clearly will help eliminate miscommunication or wrong perceptions that the person might have about the other or the present situation. In the case of disagreement, you must mention what you disagree with and why exactly you disagree. While doing so, it is necessary to reach a mutually acceptable conclusion. So mentioned alternatives or solutions in your letter as a way out about the matter on which both of you disagree with. Refer to the sample letter given below for more information on such letters:



Mr. Rahul Krishna

UC Company

Sewa Towers, Udyog Vihar




Kush Khasi

UC Company

Sewa Towers, Udyog Vihar


Subject: Letter of Disagreement

Respected Sir,

As you are aware, we will be launching the Diwali Campaign starting DD/MM/YYYY, which gives us roughly a month to prepare for the campaign regarding the number of channels we would like to include, our expected impression rate as well as the cities we are targeting. There is a lot of work to be done on all ends.

Which is why sir, as your junior I feel like it becomes my duty to let you know that I see a flaw in this plan. With all due respect, I disagree with our course of action. As a marketing manager, I have studied UC’s marketing campaigns over the past two years. I did an in-depth analysis of UC’s last year Diwali campaign.

Sir I would like to let you know that there exists a huge flow in the timeline of events in itself. First and foremost, I feel like the campaign should be launched on the DD/MM/YYYY instead of the DD/MM/YYYY. For the simple reason that it is too early to leave an impact on our consumer’s minds. If we launch it just a day before Dussehra there is a possibility that more people will pay heed to it.

I would like to discuss the details of the same with you in person sometime.

Thank you

Kush Khasi



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