Delegation Letter to Additional Responsibilities


There are times when one is not able to complete the work assigned to them. Or there simply may be too much work involved in a particular project. In such cases, it becomes to project manager’s duty to assess the work amount of work given, a timeline of the project along with the deadline and finally the number of people on board. Keeping all these factors in mind, the project manager must assign and delegate work and responsibilities accordingly.

For this reason, the project manager should formally and officially write a letter to all team members to delegate duties, briefing each of them about the work that is required and expected out of them. These letters should be precise and concise so that the crux of the message is conveyed. Furthermore, it should be ensured that an effective channel of communication is maintained to allow the smooth working and execution of the team and work respectively.




BCC Events Team

Office 8, Vatika Towers




BCC Head

Office 8, Vatika Towers


Subject: Assigning Additional Responsibilities

The Events Team,

Greetings one and all, as you are aware BCC will be organizing its annual international heads meet in the month of January. The preparation of the same should start in full swing starting the end of this month.

It is for this very reason that I am writing to you. As the event draws closer with each passing day, I would like for us to start concentrating on it. For this, I would like to assign specific tasks to each one of you to ensure the smooth execution of the event. Below is the work assigned to each one of you for this week-

  1. Anuj- Provide me with a consolidated list of sponsors from last year’s event. Please draft a sponsor letter for the same.
  2. Riya- Draft a list of possible venues where we could host this year’s event.
  3. Somya- An excel sheet with the necessary information of all heads around the world.

Please hand this information to me by the end of the day, DD/MM/YYYY. Once submitted, I would like to call for a team meeting first thing on Monday morning, in the conference room at 10 am. I would like to discuss the details of the meetup and the possible course of action for the same.

I look forward to hearing from you at the earliest.

Thank you

Raj Gupta



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