Delegate Responsibilities for the Period of your Absence


For any individual working in a setup, they each have a particular set of responsibilities on them. To ensure the smooth functioning of an organization and the proper execution of work, the individual has to complete all pending tasks on time. So when such a situation arises, when an individual is unable to complete the work assigned to them for whatever reason it may be, it becomes the individual’s duty to assign the pending tasks to someone else so that there is no hindrance in the work flow of the organization.

This can be done by writing a formal letter to whom so ever it may concern, informing them about your absence along with a legitimate reason for the same. And to ensure no problem arises due to your absence, inform the person about whom will be looking for your work in your absence. Refer to the sample letter given below:



UC Office

8th Floor

Udyog Vihar, Gurgaon




UC Office

8th Floor

Udyog Vihar, Gurgaon


Subject: Delegation of work due to absence,

Respected Sir,

I had informed the management about a month ago that I will be going on a month long leave starting the 15th of this month as I am getting married. Since my wedding has been fixed, I am seeking a month long leave from the company to do the necessary preparations at home.

As per the last month’s update, I have two projects to me. One is the construction on Hyatt in Goa, and the other is the Taj Palace project renovation in Mumbai. I have completed both these projects. My associate, Sushma Narang has personally handled every project file with me on these two projects. She is well acquainted with both these projects and has also met with our business partners on these projects to discuss the necessary details of the same.

Sir, I would request you to assign Sushma all the work in my absence. I can assure you that no one else has more knowledge than she does and I can vouch for her on this matter. She will be able to handle the work in my absence perfectly. She has been briefed about everything important. I can even arrange a meeting of the three of us to discuss the pending assignments in pipelines.

In the case of any discrepancies, feel free to reach out to me.

Thank you

Ramesh Singh


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