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A donation is a charitable act where an individual or an organization voluntarily wishes to donate to a particular cause or belief. This cause or belief can again be carried out by an individual or an organization. Donations can be made in two ways, in kind, and cash. Donations in cash, as the name suggests is done in monetary terms. However, sponsorship in kind is made by providing with products or services such as food, clothing material, etc., etc

The entire concept of donating rises from an altruistic self which wishes to do some good. This can be done to ameliorate a situation or uplift a particular section of society. Regardless of the cause, the action deserves gratitude. So when a case arises where in you have to decline a donation offer, you are expected to do it politely and in kindĀ manner as possible, without offending anyone.



The UC Group

Sewa Towers, Udyog Vihar




The Cobbler Community

Visa Road, Iffico Chowk


Subject: Declining Donation

Respected Ma’am,

I, Vikram Seth as the president of The Cobbler Community, write on behalf of the entire association. Today we stand as an independent and empowered community thanks to your social entrepreneurship venture under the banner of Project Kadam.

Project Kadam started out as an initiative to uplift the cobbler community in and around Gurgaon, by providing them with the means to not only sustain their business but also accelerate economic growth by ensuring a steady supply of work and income. About a year ago Mr. Yogi tied us up with Shoe Shoe, one of the premiere shoe brands in the city.

Ma’am, I write to you regarding the same. Ever since we tied up with Shoe Shoe, we have witnessed a 20% increase in our monthly income. The company directly gets in touch with us to mend their products and do manual laborĀ for their line of shoes. We now have steady work thanks to your efforts.

Which is why with humility I would like to decline your donation offer. We now stand at an empowered position where we can earn our wages and find steady work. We no longer require the shoe materials you have so kindly been providing us with. Moreover, your annual donation of INR 9 lakh rupees has benefitted us to the extent that we no longer require any more donations from your end.

We are eternally grateful for your help and efforts.

Thank you

Vikram Seth



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