Debt Letter

Debt LetterIntroduction:

A debt letter is written by the financial agency to remind its customer of his/her outstanding loan repayment. The financial agency may exercise courtesy in telling its client with a first reminder debt letter before moving on to second and third reminders. All of which failing, the financial agency may opt to adopt harsher actions such as legal action against the debtor.

As it is a formal letter, keep the tone of the letter formal. Make sure the letter is crisp and to the point. Depending on the necessity of the situation the tone of the letter can be decided. Make sure there are no grammatical or spelling errors in the letter.  Do ask in the letter if the customer or client needs more time or any other kind of help from the financial agency.

Sample Letter:


Jacques Wellington

Debt Officer

Middleton First Bank

1208 Juniper Drive
Winn, MI 48896



Christine R. Franco

2481 Junkins Avenue
Albany, GA 31701
Dear Ms. Franco,

RE: Debt repayment reminder

I, Jacques Wellington, debt Officer On behalf of Middleton First Bank, I would like to draw your attention to the overdrawn amount on your current account. Perhaps you have been too busy to note the insufficient funds in your current account before you withdrew on an overdraft. As it the rule of our bank to maintain a sufficient amount, we kindly request you to do the needful as soon as possible.

As such, it is already a month that the amount of $500 is outstanding and you are required to top up the balance before the end of this month. If there is any problem in depositing, please do let us through a letter or email.

If you have already made the payment, kindly ignore this reminder, and I thank you for your prompt settlement on behalf of the bank. However, if you have been too busy to settle the payment, kindly do so before further actions are taken against you.

Thank you for your transactions with Middleton First Bank. We appreciate our clients and are there for them if any help is needed. Please do let us know if you need our help in any matter.

Thank you


Jacques Wellington


Debt Officer

Middleton First Bank

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