Debt Dispute Letter

Debt Dispute LetterIntroduction

A debt dispute letter is written by an individual who may have received notice of his debt or outstanding amount from one of his creditors but feels that the amount owed is incorrectly stated. Hence, he writes into the creditor to dispute the amount owed, giving evidence to prove his case and to have the amount corrected.

Often in cases of debt vis-a-vis actual spending of the individual, there exists a mismatch. The mismatch can be raised only immediately after receiving an invoice of your accounts. It is advised to present a statement of your spendings in such letters. If possible, attach a photocopy of your bills to the letter so that there is proof of your claim and the concerned department can look into the discrepancy and make the necessary changes require. Refer to the sample letter given below as example.

Sample Letter


Ronald Early

4853 Waldeck Street
Mansfield, TX 76063

January 12, 2017



Forrester Utility Services

Customer Accounts Department

8830 Great Street
Mansfield, TX 98833

Dear Sir / Madam

RE: Debt Dispute Clarification

I recently received my bank account statement for the month of December. Upon reading my credit card statement, I noticed that there existed a difference in the amount I am actually required to pay and the amount that the bank is quoting I should pay. Therefore, I am writing to dispute over the alleged outstanding debt I owe to your company on my utility payment.

According to your last month statement which I received yesterday, I have an outstanding $260.00 debt over the previous three months. But I made payment of $190.00 for the last two months’ utility usage five days ago at your Holmer Street branch office.  Attached is my payment receipt for your checking and confirmation.

If you carefully notice, there has also been an outstanding payment of $366 at the Park Plaza Hotel dated 16th December. However, if you call the hotel and check the records, the bill was actually for $66 and not $366. I would like to speak to your customer service manager at once. I am incorrectly over charged. As for paying the rest of the amount, I had spoken with Mr. Jaco Roux and he had agreed to extend my period of payment till 15th Feb.

I apologize for being a little late with my previous months’ payment as my busy schedule caused me to lose track of my bill payments. My outstanding amount should be referring to this month’s usage only.

I trust that you will be able to confirm the above points and respond to confirm the new outstanding debt. Thank you.

Yours sincerely,

Ronald Early

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