Death Announcement Letter

Death Announcement Letter


A death announcement letter can be written and distributed by a company or an individual to the general public or customers, informing the death of an important or high-ranking officer of the enterprise. It is usually a formal announcement that is professionally and somberly written. Relevant information with regards to business continuity can be added in this death announcement. Although most importantly these letters are written to make the general public and concerned clients aware of the passing way of an individual who was part of the company and held a position of importance.

A few things need to be considered while writing such a letter. The letter is a written in a melancholic and sober tone in respect of the dead. The letter begins by mentioning the tragic incident of the individual passing away and then is followed by a short re-introduction of the person, including his years of service in the company and his last position at the enterprise. The writer then mentions the loss that is being felt by the enterprise and its staff. Take care to ensure that there is no spelling, grammatical or structural mistake in the writing of the letter.

Sample Letter:

Following is a sample of a Death Announcement Letter.



Clarks Footwear Corporation
1605 Sycamore Road
Condon, OR 97823

February 12, 2011

To Whom It May Concern

Re: Death Announcement

This letter serves to announce the passing away of Mr. Jon Murray, the Assistant Director of Clarks Footwear Corporation, on Tuesday, DD/MM/YYYY. The company is deeply sorrowful to note the demise of Mr. Jon Murray, who has been with Clarks Footwear Corporation since 1989. The late Mr. Jon Murray started off with Clarks Footwear as an Assistant Footwear Designer to rise to the current position of Assistant Director of Clarks Footwear in 2008. He was an excellent and foresighted designer who brought on many innovative footwear designs for Clarks Footwear. He also won many developing awards, from juries of repute, for the company owing to his natural talent in footwear designing. He was a genius in the truest sense.

The company shall be closed for two days, DD/MM/YYYY as a sign of respect for the late Mr. Jon Murray. We are also holding a memorial to pay our respects to the deceased at the company’s meeting hall. All clients, partners and families are welcome to share their memory of the departed soul. Business closing is to show our respect for Mr. John Murray and his service to the company. Business shall resume on DD/MM/YYYY, as usual. A partner will act on behalf of the chair of Mr. Murray until a suitable replacement can be found.

We regret any inconvenience caused. Thank you for your condolences and kind understanding over our recent bereavement. We look forward to your presence at the memorial in this tragic time.

Respectfully Yours,
Clarks Footwear Corporation

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