Customer Thank You Letter

Customer Thank You Letter


For any service rendered it is only courteous to respond to the service, product or act of kindness with your gratitude. This can be done by only writing a short but sweet thank you letter. A consumer writes the letter under consideration below to the customer.

A Customer thank you letter is drafted by a customer to thank the company for the excellent service rendered in his experience with the enterprise. It is out of a heart of gratefulness or appreciation of the excellent service which the company has shown to the customer that compels the customer to write in and thank the company. It boosts up the company’s morale for the excellent hospitality provided them to you. It ensures the maintenance of a good relationship with the enterprise in the future and hopefully better service too! Do mention all the relevant details about the service- the type of duty along with the day, date and time. Do not forget to mention the name of the employee from whom you got the service so that the company can recognize them.


Teddy Bradford

1046 Fuller Street
Honolulu, HI 92893

March 30, 2010


Top Class Watches & Servicing

1100 Lakeview Drive
Fort Wayne, IN 29003

Dear Sir,

RE: In appreciation of your service

I first heard about your watch in my college days. And have aspired to buy it since then. Through all these years, I have been a loyal patron of your brand of watches. Having bought one, ten years ago for my daughter as her graduation present, I have bought about half a dozen more since then for my friends and family. Just like your tag line- ‘It’s like family, and I must admit, it truly is.

I would like to thank you for the excellent services that your service staff has always showered on me whenever I make a visit to your showroom, although it may not be as often as you or I wish it to be. I have found your watches to be of high quality as every piece I bought has not given me any problem. Every recipient loves my gift, and from your records, you would know that I have recommended quite a few customers to your shop.

I think the USP of your brand is how you customize the packing of each watch before you get it delivered home. It adds an essence of love to the product. For instance, for my wife’s birthday watch, the watch was encased in a classy red cover. Same goes for my daughter; she received a gold case to store her watch.

Thank you for the kind invites to your sales which are always a great bargain. Over the years, this has been one brand that I have always referred to as the perfect gift. I truly appreciate your kind services and exceptional products.

Yours truly,

Teddy Bradford

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