Customer Service Job Cover Letter


A customer service job cover letter is written by an applicant who is applying for an employee service job at an organization. The letter is written by a potential employee who wishes to work in the customer service job or a customer relations officer. The letter should be written formally, and it must cover all the required introductory data regarding the applicant.

The customer service job letter must be written concisely, and it must not take up more than one side of the sheet. The purpose of the client service job cover letter is to provide a clear and detailed picture of the applicant. It serves as an introduction to the curriculum vitae or other supporting documents in the application package. The letter is a first impression for the recruiters. Therefore all important and relevant information must be mentioned.

Sample Letter

The following is a sample Customer Service Job Cover Letter.


Rajesh Koothrappali,

Customer Service Job,

Easton Ville,



The United States of America.



Sheldon Cooper,

Human Resources Director,

Mark Strategies,



The United States of America.

Subject: Cover letter for customer service vacancy.

Dear Sir,

I at this moment wish to offer you a brief description of my candidature through this cover letter.

I have been in the service of customer relationship since YYYY, and I have over six years of experience in ensuring that the clients are happy with the services that my employers provide. I have also received many accolades from the employers and the government for my outstanding services about customer relations.

I am a graduate of the Welcome Customer University in Philadelphia with a Bachelor’s degree in customer service. I have also acquired certificates from Harvard Business School and the London School of Economics and Political Science. I have also equipped myself with training in the fields of customer relations by obtaining training from the Department of Personnel of the Government of Utopia.

I have excellent people skills, and I thrive in an environment where interaction with people is required. I also believe that a success of a company rests on the success of the customer relationship that the firm has. I wish to contribute to the organization and also further my skills in this regard.

I wish to work with Mark Strategies, as it is a prestigious institution and I wish to contribute my knowledge and learn from my colleagues at this institution.

I request you to review my resume and consider the same kindly.

Thank you,


Rajesh Koothrappali.



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