Customer Complaint Letter

Customer Complaint Letter


A complaint letter is written in the event of something going wrong with a product or a service provided by someone. Writing a letter to address the problem is seen as one of the most efficient methods.

A Customer complaint letter is usually written by some unhappy customer who is dissatisfied with the bad service or product from a company. He writes into the company’s complaint department to record his note of displeasure and hopes for an appropriate action to rectify the bad experience or for a justification to be given for the bad service or product. This is a formal letter however it can hit a tone of dissatisfaction. Make sure that all relevant details about the product or service have been clearly mentioned in the letter. These features could include the date, time, type of product, product specifications, etc. If possible, always attach a photocopy of the bill of the service or product availed.

Sample Letter


Rene Merlin

1113 Flag Street
Memphis, MS 94035

May 20, 2010


Complaints & Services Department

Fulbright Postal Services

9901 Maple Street
Memphis, MS 94035

To Whom It May Concern

RE: Letter of Complaint

In the past, I have heard highly of the services of your company. For a delivery of any kind, my friends and colleagues usually avail the services of your business. Based on their referrals I decided to get a packaged delivered to my house through your business. However, the service provided was far from what was expected. In this letter, I am writing to state my complaint about the poor services of your esteemed company, Fulbright Postal Services.

I had ordered a glass show piece and chose the services of your postal company. I was shocked to see my parcel left on my doorstep on Friday evening, DD/MM/YYYY, upon my return from work at 7 pm. There was just a company notice slip attached to the parcel, stating its time and date of delivery, which was DD/MM/YYYY, at 3 pm. Usually, this kind of process involves proof of delivery by getting it signed by the person who has received the package. However, no such process was followed in my case.

I am very annoyed over this kind of service rendered to me, as my parcel could have easily been stolen or misplaced. Leaving the parcel on the doorstep is a very irresponsible act as the parcel contents are of importance to the recipient or sender. I am shocked that your company employs such irresponsible practices of delivery. Moreover, the package did not have the usual ‘Fragile’ sticker. On opening the box, I found out that no bubble wrap or any safety standards followed for such items was used to pack the content. To make matters worse, the showpiece has also been cracked from several places.

I would like to request your investigation into this issue and respond with a good clarification of the weak action of service promptly. I hope such services aren’t rendered to anybody in the future.

Yours sincerely,

Rene Merlin

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