Criticism Letter


Criticism letters are not written usually, but when there is a matter you want to bring into the notice of a head of an organization, etc. you need to write the letter. It can be written when an employee is not performing up to the mark or is behaving rudely to other employees. It can be written in any set up be it a company, school, hospital, etc. It can also be written to criticize a service delivered.

You can positively state the weak points. Don’t be too harsh in your approach and use unbiased, straightforward, easy to understand language. Make sure there are no grammatical errors or spelling mistakes in your letter. State only genuine reasons and complaints in the letter as they can be cross-checked by the recipient. Also offer to help the person and thank the recipient for their time, patience and cooperation.

Sample Letter:


Priti Birgi






Harsh Celly

H.R Department

Celly Enterprises


Dear sir,

I, Priti Birgi, write this letter to discuss the behavior of my colleague Miss Shalini Sharma.  She has always been a dear colleague, and we have always been cordial to each other. I remember the times when I was a new entrant in the company, and she used to help me whenever I needed her.

But these days she is altogether a different person. She is shouting and misbehaving most of the times. When we try and call her for lunch, she shouts on us and abuses us. Last week she even slapped a colleague. We have tried a lot of time to talk to her to find out the reason, but all of it has failed. All our attempts have gone in vain. She has completely withdrawn from all of us and does not talk at all to anyone. Thus, we were left with no option but to report the matter to you.

We sincerely hope that the problem with her gets resolved. We would appreciate if you can talk to her personally and give her time. Please arrange professional counseling for her if needed and possible. All of us want her to get back to her usual friendly and chirpy self. Ours has been a close-knit company, and we would like to keep it that way.

Hope you will be able to help her.

Thanking you

Yours sincerely,

Priti Birgi

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