Credit Request Letter


Credit request letter is written to the credit card company to get complete details of your account. You can request your complete history that is all the activities on the credit card. When you take a loan or apply for a new credit card your entire history is checked and verified. These days Credit information is required and enquired by many companies and thus maintaining and keeping a record of it is very important.

As it is a formal letter keep the tone of the letter formal. Make sure that the letter is not too long and that there are no spelling errors or grammatical errors in the letter. Use simple and easy to understand language. Mention in brief the information that you require. As it is a request letter, keep the tone polite and humble. Also mention the duration in which you require the information to be delivered to you. At the end of the letter thank the recepient for their time and cooperation.

Sample Letter:


Priti Birgi

Sharma and Company





Harsh Celly

Celly Credit Agency


Dear sir,

I, Priti Birgi, from Sharma and Company write this letter to request the credit information of Mansi Mathur who has applied for a loan in our company. Miss Mathur has applied for a car loan on Wednesday and has given us her details. She told us she is working as a dentist at Clove hospital and previously worked in Fortis hospital for two years before that. She also provided her work details to us.

We thus request you to provide us her complete credit history. Please do let us know if she has any overdue history, details of her account and History of her monthly payments with payment amount and dates when she made the payments. Also we would like to know if she ever filed for or was declared bankrupt by the court and Judgments of the court if any.

We would like this information to be emailed to us in seven working days. We are enclosing our email id and telephone number. You can call us if you require any information from us. We would greatly appreciate if you share any other information that we have missed asking out. Your information will greatly help us in making our decision.

Waiting to hear from you soon.

Thanking you.

Yours sincerely,

Priti Birgi

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