Credit Report Dispute Letter

Credit Report Dispute Letter


A credit report dispute letter is written by one party to another when the two are not on the same page regarding the credits given to or taken from one another, i.e., they disagree with a same amount of money that has been credited. Usually, in business, after fixed intervals, a credit report is prepared for every client to keep records of the transactions so that at the time of final accounting, nothing is forgotten and all the money whether borrowed or lent is taken care of. This report is then sent to the concerned client via email or post so that no one can vouch for ignorance.

This letter is of a formal character and needs to be written pretty much in detail and absolute terms. The purpose is that any dispute or conflict that might arise can be substantiated by way of proper in-hand documentations. It is to be kept in mind that a credit report dispute letter must seek to resolve issues between the parties concerned.  This letter must be attached with a couple of other documents which show the records of transactions to substantiate the words of the writer.


Given below is a sample letter of a credit report dispute letter that might be of help:


Sally H. Castilles

4238 Hickory Street
Salt Lake City, UT 84104



Credit Officer

Highlands Financial Agency

890 Westwood Avenue
Long Island City, NY 15431

Dear Sir/Madam

RE: Dispute over Credit Report

I am writing to dispute the outstanding amount recorded on my credit report for the month of MM/YYYY. I had been hospitalized during DD/MM/YYYY – DD/MM/YYYY and could not have used my credit card for any transactions outside this city. Enclosed is a copy of my medical record as proof of my presence in the hospital. I was diagnosed with pneumonia which required me ten days’ hospitalization.

I request that your financial agency immediately check on the inaccuracy on my credit standing and reverse the wrong status. I would appreciate a quick response on this issue. Please ensure that my credit records are updated accordingly to reflect no bias against my credit status. Also, if any other transactions have gone missing, I request for that to be updated too. I request you to deliver a hard copy of all the documents of our transactions of the last six months to my registered address.

Yours sincerely,


Sally H. Castilles

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